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Joana Chicau is a graphic designer, researcher and coder, with a background in choreography and performance.

Her methodolgy explores how design and coding practices interfere deeper with interfaces and information displays — when considering choreographic thinking, embodiment and perceptual possibilities.

Her projects are delivered across multiple media: websites and online platforms, to printed books and online publications, workshops, performative events and beyond.

She privileges the use of Free-Libre Open Source software.

She collaborates with various international practitioners in the fields of art, activism, design and technology on both commissioned and self-initiated projects. Collaborations include The Slow Research Lab and Hackers & Designers in Amsterdam, Replica Institute in Berlin and Constantvzw.org in Brussels.

She also provides consultancy, research development and strategy for web-based projects, such as the on-going collaboration with the social venture Katikati.

She is an associate lecturer at the University of Arts of London (UAL) and has also been tutoring and facilitating workshops in international various institutions.

Chicau is currently undertaking a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Rebecca Fiebrink. at the Creative Computing Institute (UAL).

She is a member of Varia.Zone, center for everyday technology and co-founder of Netherlands Coding Live.

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