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Bringing choreographic thinking into interface design — developing new ways of navigating through physical & digital environments.

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Web design, UX/UI, Code, Digital Prototyping _ a file-based wiki system website developed in collaboration with the designer Simone Niquille, the computer programmer André Fincato, among the team and the commissioners at Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE).

image displaying book cover of the Live Coding: a Users Manual

Live Coding: a user's manual

Design, Code & Concept _ for a multiauthored book—by artists and musicians, software designers, and researchers—provides a practice-focused account of the origins, aspirations, and evolution of live coding, including expositions from a wide range of live coding practitioners. In a more conceptual register, the authors consider liveness, temporality, and knowledge in relation to live coding, alongside speculating on the practice's future forms.

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Design, Code & Concept _ for Centre for the Study of the Networked Image a London based research centre that brings together researchers from cultural studies, contemporary art and media practice, and computing.

~ second order simulacra

Visual Design, Code a videoclip for the new EP error topography by digital selves, released by the label Cherche Encore,supported by Arts Council England. Photo credit: Antonio Roberts (aka hellocatfood).

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Fermenting Data Publication & Website

Design, Code & Concept _ for Fermenting Data city-wide data exhibition — in collaboration with the curators Magda Tyżlik-Carver and Anders Visti.

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Web-design & Front-End suppport_ The Digital Archive of Artists Publishing is an interactive, user-driven, searchable database of Artist's Books and publications listening.


Design, UX/UI, Code & Concept _ for an online exhibition and collection of material from fieldwork notes, audio and visual recordings, transcriptions, artworks, to readymade objects which tell stories around instances when (in)equality is experienced. A collaboration with Anja Groten and the researchers of GRACE (Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe).


Design, Code & Concept _ for the final graduation exhibition of Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s Architectural Design department, in collaboration with the studio tutors Parasite 2.0 and department head Nick Axel. Staging Architecture focuses on how theatrical forms of representation, performances and fictional scripts can be used as tools for the architectural design process.

Choreographic Analytics

Web design, Research & Concept _ Choreographic Analytics is a local analytics engine for the ‡ DobbeltDagger website, in collaboration with Anders Visti. It presents an alternative form of documenting, analyzing, notating and archiving ‡ DobbeltDagger. Every search performed is an act of making a new choreography — which brings new relations and new links between words and meanings — building up on an ecology of growing choreographies.


Design, Code & Concept _ for the new live streaming and broadcasting platform at Varia.Zone — in collaboration with Angeliki Diakrousi and Luke Murphy.


Web design, Code & Concept — online soon * Equally Digital — Digitally Equal website.

Not for Any*

Research, Web, Design — a toolkit for exercising collective conditions for openness, access and authorship. In collaboration with Manetta Barends, developed as part of a fellowship at the Sandberg Institute in 2020.


Design, Code & Concept _ a new space {inflection} for political sound work & political listening.

5'12'' of an Absent Body

Design, Code & Concept — for a web-based work transgressing into the physical space of the exhibition "The House of Dust by Alison Knowles" at CNEAI= Magasins Généraux. In collaboration with Rebekka Kiesewetter

Screen Shots: Desire and Automated Image

Graphic Design / Concept & Print - visual identity for an exhibition and symposium curated by Magdalena Tyzlik-Carver at Galleri Image Denmark.

Web VR Internet Moon Gallery

Web-design, Research, Visuals— for the online exhibition "Theatre of Re_Sources".


Design, Code & Concept — for the website and online archive 'posthuman curating and computational culture' by Magda Tyzlik-Carver.


Design, Code & Concept for the online portfolio of the Belgian photographer Winne Lievens.


Web-Design ~ for the online portfolio of the Belgian artits Bert Jacobs.

Choreo-Graphic-Hypothesis Book

Print \ Graphic Design \ Concept : publication currently available at San-Serriffe Amsterdam. Produced by Publication Studio Rotterdam.

Spaces of Flow

Graphic and Web-design, Digital Prototyping, Research & Concept : for an e-book for UNStudio architecture studio. Design prototype and UX studies develeped while part of the Publishing Lab team at INC Amsterdam.

Books From The Future

Research, Concept & Graphic Design contribution for the multiple lives of a blank book is a cross-cultural tale of bookness, blankness and multiplicity, bringing the cinematic genre of documentary fiction to the printed page.

Graphic Design & Concept for the visual identity of The Black Box Concern event at _V2 Lab for the Unstable Media.


Graphic Design & Concept for the new visual identity: alogotype for the Music Duo AlgoBabez.

Netherlands Coding Live

Graphic, Web-design & Concept for the visual identity: logo & website for the Netherlands based live coding community.